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Challenges Children Pose When Taking Medication

07 Feb, 2022
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At NPLabs International Compounding Pharmacy, we work together with practitioners, children, and their families to customize medications and meet specific needs. Because of this, our products are unique and tailored to the individual. The challenges posed by children when it comes to medication can be daunting.

Working with kids can be a challenge.

Most children don’t love taking their medications. And who could blame them? It’s hard to swallow a pill when you’re three years old or chug down a bunch of water when you’re two. You might even start to fear the sight of a bottle or syringe. In fact, some parents have experienced their kids’ reactions so severe that they’ve had to call their family doctor.

Some of the issues children have with taking their medication:

  1. Children may resist having to take a medication or dislike the taste or texture of solid dosage forms.
  2. Their size and weight can make them more vulnerable to side effects and illness as a result of their medications
  3. They may also have difficulty swallowing pills or capsules or may be fearful of injections.
  4. Children also often have shorter attention spans than adults, which can make taking medication more challenging for them.

We are able to resolve these issues by customizing each product so that it is easy to ingest and tastes appealing. At NPLabs International Compounding Pharmacy, we strive to make products that help our clients provide medications in a way that is effective while still being comfortable for the child taking the medication. We know how important it is to tailor medications in order to keep your kids healthy!

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Topics: children , Medication , Wellness ,

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