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Compounding Pharmacy – Tips, Knowledge and Why

03 Mar, 2022
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When you hear the word “compounding,” you might think it has to do with math, but in reality, it’s much more fun than that!

The term “compounding” refers to a pharmacy that doesn’t just dispense drugs—it also creates them. Compounding pharmacists take ingredients and combine them in new ways to create custom-formulated medicines. Some compounding pharmacies even make medications taste like ice cream and gummy bears in different flavors and doses—and they can deliver them straight to your door!

Compounding pharmacists do more than fill prescriptions. They work closely with patients and physicians to create customized medications for specific needs. These custom-made medications can be made into a variety of dosage forms, including capsules, lozenges, creams/ointments, suppositories, and even lollipops!

The cost of prescription drugs is a really hot topic right now, as it should be. The price of many medications has skyrocketed in recent months, even for people with insurance.

At NPLabs International Compounding Pharmacy, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality and most affordable medications possible. Our compounding pharmacy allows us to formulate custom prescriptions that are exactly what you or your family member needs to live their best life.

We have a team of compounding pharmacists who are ready and waiting to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your medications. Our compounds are made in-house, so we can customize them according to your needs. NPLabs International Compounding Pharmacy is committed to keeping our patients safe—that’s why we only use the highest quality ingredients, and all of our compounds go through rigorous quality assurance procedures before they are shipped out.

If you know someone who has been prescribed a medication recently, we encourage you to ask your doctor if they can prescribe a compounded medication instead. By doing so, you can avoid unnecessary fillers and ingredients that may not be necessary for your body’s physiology, which can lead to higher costs and more side effects.

We also specialize in making medication for pets! Yes, your furry friends can receive their medication in a tasty flavor (we recommend bacon, but other options are available).

A compounding pharmacy serves patients who need medicine that isn’t commercially available, as well as prescribers who are looking for new ways to treat patients. So if you’re not feeling super great, consider visiting NPLabs International Compounding Pharmacy at www.nplabs.online!

Topics: Compounding Pharmacy , Functional Medicine , Medication , Wellness ,

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