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Why use a Compounding Pharmacy

03 Oct, 2022

Why use a compounding pharmacy? Taking medications is one of the most important things you can do for your health,...

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The Secret to Faster Healing Might Be in Your Stomach. Really?

09 Mar, 2022

When you’re a kid, your parents allow you to do dumb things because they know that if you fall and...

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Compounding Pharmacy – Tips, Knowledge and Why

03 Mar, 2022

When you hear the word “compounding,” you might think it has to do with math, but in reality, it’s much...

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HRT In Women Might Be A Defense Against Severe illness from Covid-19

17 Feb, 2022

A Swedish study involving nearly 15,000 women found that of these women, 17% used hormone replacement therapy to increase estrogen...

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What’s a functional medicine specialist?

31 Jan, 2022

Hey there! You might be thinking, “What’s a functional medicine specialist?” Well, how about this: A functional medicine specialist is...

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