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Why I Started The Carnivore Diet

11 Mar, 2022
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What Is The Carnivore Diet?

A carnivore diet is a form of an elimination diet, much like paleo, where you eliminate all plant foods from your diet. The only foods you consume on the carnivore diet are mammal and fish meats, eggs, low-carb dairy products (like ghee and butter), and salt. It’s really that simple.

Advocates of the carnivore diet say it’s a natural way for humans to eat. They argue that processed foods, grains, and sugars are harmful to health and that meat, fish, and eggs are all that are required to be healthy.

Do we need to eat carbohydrates?

Thanks to a growing interest in the carnivore diet, the question is more relevant than ever. The carnivore diet, also known as the all-meat diet or the zero-carb diet, is exactly what it sounds like — you eat nothing but animal products.

That means no fruits, vegetables, grains, or any other plant foods. Some adherents will drink water, coffee, and tea (without milk or sweeteners), but others limit themselves to just meat and animal fats.

Many of us have been led to believe that carbohydrates are critical for health, and avoiding them will inevitably result in nutrient deficiencies, poor health, and weight gain. But what if the opposite is true?

The carnivore diet was popularized by Dr. Shawn Baker, an orthopedic surgeon who believes that only animals should be eaten and that plant foods are not necessary for human health.

Dr. Baker claims to have seen major improvements in his health since adopting the no-carbohydrate diet. He also says he has had thousands of people email him with success stories.

Although there haven’t been any studies on the safety of long-term use in humans, the carnivore diet can help you lose weight fast, improve cholesterol levels and decrease inflammation in the body

The carnivorous approach has been used as a therapeutic tool for various conditions and diseases from epilepsy to depression to cancer. But most of these studies were small, done on animals or done on people who followed them for a short period of time. When it comes to the long-term health benefits of eating only meat and animal fats, there isn’t much research.

Why Do I Like Being On The Carnivore Diet?

While I do enjoy eating meat and always have, I have to say that the reason I like eating mostly carnivore is that it’s just so simple. There are no lists of what I can or cannot eat. There are no special recipes to follow, no meal plan to subscribe to, no calories to count, and no macros to track. There is just me and my food choices. And those choices are simple: Eat meat or don’t eat meat. How easy is that?

You might think that I would get bored eating the same thing over and over again but I don’t. When I am hungry for lunch or dinner, I get out whatever meat we happen to have in the house at the time: chicken breasts, flank steak, pork chops, ground beef, sausage links — whatever.

I have been on the carnivore diet for about several months now. I feel better, stronger, and leaner than I ever have.

Focus — I am much more focused, productive, and clear-minded.

Energy — My energy is constant throughout the day. No more feeling tired after a meal.

Strength/Endurance — My strength and endurance have increased dramatically. My workouts are much higher quality.

Sleep — The quality of my sleep has improved greatly. I go to sleep faster and wake up less during the night. When I wake up in the morning it’s easy to get out of bed with no need for caffeine.

Hair/Skin/Nails — My hair is thicker and healthier-looking, my skin feels softer and looks great and my nails are stronger than they ever have been.

An overall feeling of well-being — I just feel healthier, happier, stronger, and more alive than ever before!

If you’re considering trying the carnivore diet, you might want to get your doctor’s approval first. You’ll want to ensure that you’re doing it safely — with enough nutrients for optimal health — and that it doesn’t interfere with any medications or health conditions you may have.

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