What is Compounding Medication?

Compounding is a completely different scientific approach that addresses to the cause and not the symptoms of the disease. The compounding pharmaceutical preparations (drugs) are customized for each disease and each patients, providing by that way solutions which traditional medications cannot. Dosages, formulas, flavors etc. are adapted accordingly to those individual needs.

What Is the difference between a Traditional and a Compounding Pharmacy?

Traditional and Compounding Pharmacy are completely different. A compound pharmacist has the same skills, degrees, education and licenses to practice profession as a traditional pharmacist but needs more specialized training to learn and practice compounding. In compounding, medication is created ad-hoc, based on the specific needs of each patient and each disease, where traditional medications come fixed from the manufacturer. Moreover, compounding aims at fighting the cause of the disease where traditional medication usually treats the symptoms.

Which medications can be compounded?

Almost any medication can be compounded though nasal sprays, flavoring, topical gels are our favorite forms. Here at NP Labs, we create unique medications for many different uses including:

  • Dental
  • Dermatology
  • Pets
  • Pediatric
  • Ophthalmology
  • Hormone optimization
  • Topical pain gels
  • Hospice

… and more.

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How do you customize medications?

Customization can apply in various ways so to meet a patient’s unique and specific needs. A compounding pharmacist can:

  • Adjust dosage for strength or quantity.
  • Change the medication’s form i.e. create a liquid instead of pills.
  • Exclude non-essential ingredients, like dyes or gluten and add others, like flavor (very important for children meditation).
  • Combine medications in one formula…

…and many more!

Why was I prescribed for a compound medication?

Because there was not such a medication in the traditional pharmacy and your doctor wanted an effective tailor-made formula for you and only you. Traditional pharmacies cannot create medication for you, but we can!

Who can take Compounded Medications?

Anyone from children to elders, even pets! Compounding meditation has solutions for almost every disease or special need but, unlike traditional meditations, dosage, flavor, form, strength etc. are adjusted to each patients need. Practically that means that a children can have his favorite flavor, an adult the exact dosage and combination of ingredients he needs in one unique formula, a pet the shape and size that can swallow etc.!

How do I have to wait for my prescription?

It depends on the prescribed medication but the majority of orders ship the day they are placed.

How can I refill?

We can handle all the procedure by calling your doctor. You have nothing to worry about.

I don't see the medication I am looking for on your website. Does that mean you don?t compound it?

Of course not! The list is not exhausted. Due to the extensive amount of medication formulations we cannot include everything in our site. Call us or use our online query form for more information on the formula you’re interested.

How can I place an order?

Ordering is simple. Depending on the type of prescription and the prescription alteration form, you can download one of our order forms and then do ONE of the following:

  • Call in a prescription to the direct pharmacist line at (+30) 2106815190.
  • Fax a prescription to (+30) 2106815185.
  • Submit an e-prescription here.